torsdag 2 juli 2015

Support and help sick children Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27‎

 Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27
Good evening readers i havent been so well for a long time , but i am much better and getting better slowly but sure .
It is time to tell you that our friend in this moment strating an event and the  place is :
Wal-Mart Location McDonald's 8300 Hwy 27 Location Vaugton Onatrio this event is july 08 of six days with other worfds :) .   This link show you on Facebook about the eve 08 july ,
 It is Chris Ouzounis Toronto who arrange this, God bless him and his work .
Thank You To Larry The Owner Of 7 McDonald Locations Naming The Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 Cruisers Night Special After Us!! Every Wednesday Cruise Night Only Special For Only $4.98

This awsome , if you are near  go in McDonalds and contribute to the cause :) .
Have an awsome time everyone .
Regards Kenneth Alfsson 

JUL 15
8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9

JUL 22
8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9

JUL 29

8300 Hwy 27, Woodbridge, Ontario L4H0R9 

Now dear readers you have some dates for the coming events 
Enjoy you who gonna be there , and thanks for supporting the cause .

onsdag 14 januari 2015

Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 *Help And Support Sick Children * UPDATE !

Good day Canada , US and the world .

I had a conversation with

 * Chris Ouzounis * Help And Support Sick Children 

Now i can post pictures of complete Sponsorship pictures , AINT THAT WOUNDERFUL ..................................

Listen :) ,  67 Sponsorships at the moment , i am so proud to show you good result in his work :) .

Now you see that this mans work realy are in progress , i have checked and double checked , i dont think i have miss a sponsorship picture .

Love & Respect  to all sponsorships .... thanks so much that you exist and care for the children .

Kenneth Alfsson


                                                      Universe Auto Parts 

                                             For info   Mail :

tisdag 13 januari 2015

Miss D is back !

Good  Morning and thank you world

Yesterday was a good day for a mother and her son , Miss D came online .
She got a fan to her laptop , her fan in her laptop had crash , so i asked for helped to support her with a fan the her laptop .
From the start i called Greece , NOW ..................the fan dident come from Greece , it was shipped abroad .
Who ever send her the fan , i´ll give you all credit from my heart and i can tell you .................
it was a VERY VERY HAPPY lady who came online yesterday , now she gonna have that spark thrue of love from the groups and specially her group
Get Your Kicks On Route 66 - The Mother Road .
Now she gonna have the strength to fight for her and her on son again .

So this is good news ,  thanks SOO MUCH world and YOU THE ANGEL WHO SUPPORT HER WITH THE FAN TO THE LAPTOP .

                                               This is my Friendship picture to all in the world !
                                                   Thank you world for adding me as a friend
                                                                    Love & Respect

måndag 12 januari 2015

I beg you and your frinds for support , not for me .for the children .WoodbridgeHwy27Cruisers

Promotion message :
I beg you and your frinds for support , not for me .for the children .
Thoose children who needs your support to get an healthy life , a life who give them A GOOD CHANCE to survive and grow up strong with the possebility to raise an own family .
The only thing you need to do is visit
RT 66 The Mother Road-Help Miss D n Friends /
and hit the like bottom .
When you hit the like bottom , you gonna help

Chris Ouzounis

Help him to get trusted so he gets more sponosorships .

*I wouldent do this if i dident belive in his work* ,
I am sure you thinking of the children , after all they are our future !
Another fact , there is many who visit this page , everyone dont show that theyhave visit this page , i assume that it is many companies who check in ........
Thats why i beg you to visit and hit the like bottom , the more likes the bigger chance to get sponsorships
Love & Respect - Ken -


lördag 10 januari 2015

THE MAN BEHINDE Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 * Chris Ouzounis * Help And Support Sick Children

Chris Ouzounis Is The Man and Firesoul who is BURNING in his work for our children .

Weekly Car Show For The Sick Kids Foundation And Community Event 

Click on the link and see his personal page .

 This man reminds me of my self many years ago , he is realy burning for THE CAUSE .
He is pushing hard..... real hard , that is AWSOME AND FANTASTIC  , that FIGHTING SPIRIT 
this man have is just wounderful .
I am admire him , it´s not easy to STAND UP AND FIGHT the way he does .
I know what difficult it is to step out and tell the world .
*Hi world here is me and i fight for our children and our future *  

Who is this man :
Anyone who knows him :
Is he honest :
Can we realy trust him :
Is he just a temporary :
What is his goal :
Is he hiding something :

Well ................. :
He has come to stay :
You all humans gonna get to know him :
Yes , he is honest :
Yes , you CAN trust him :
No , he is not temporary :

I did what a CHILD ABUSE FIGHTER did to me , i use a name many knows .
Why ?
To win trust for this man and his work !

Have i done any misstake or bad in that doing ?
No i havent , a person who come up as  Chris Ouzounis has done ,you have to feel his pulse *smile*

I got a PM  from him rela early this morning , he was worried , i had use my friend Kenny StrtRodder Millers name in some posts i have posted .
To be honest , i couldent tell Chris Ouzounis that i put him in a situation where i tested him a little .
Now , you may wounder why , i think you have the answer inside you , i dont think i need give you an answer .

 So my dear world , now i hope you gonna learn to know this man .

I shouldent SUPPORT HIM IF I DONT . 

Love & Respect 

Kenneth Alfsson 
                                                 SUPPRORT HIM IN HIS WORK
                                                  THE CHILDREN NEEDS YOU
                                                          PASS ON THE FIRE



fredag 9 januari 2015

Help us to support update SPONSORSHIP


Time to update :
Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27

This is GREAT ..... awsome
Home OF The Bugatti Bradford, Ontario
is the Biggest sponsorship Woodbridge Cruisers Hwy 27 have , everyday it´s coming more
sponsorship .
But Home Of Bugatti gives a fantastic support and sponsorship ,i wish there where more like these around us and not only thinking of money to your self , i understand that you have to invest in your company .... no doubt about that .
But thoose BIG company who just think of profit and just want more , wounder if they thinking of the children .
YES we do may some shout , in what way i ask ?
It is ot enoughe to think of theire own children .... the children grow up... if you havent think of all children the rest of the children maybe think "  that company is just shit and nothing to care about " , in this time i tlaking of ... IT IS YOURS CHILDREN WHO ARE VD COMPANY OWNERS ..... Your children cant run a company without klients ... think of that !

I had a chat with   W C H Hwy27 Administrator on FB last night   ,
he is so happy for the support,
but as you know ... it takes power to get success and realy hard work .
I promisse you he is a good guy .... i trust him !
I promise you that he is a real driving force, but he needs support and our support is important in his work.
The children are our future, we do not give children the care and welfare required by their absolute best ... we are not the future either.
Again .... I do not put my name on something I believe in int.
You've trusted me before, trust me again in this battle for our children.

Love & Respect Kenneth Alfsson