tisdag 1 april 2014

I have been thinking .

I have been thinking , i have been told that i am a great person and friend .
I am NOT that great , it is you my friends who are GREAT ,NOT me.
I tell you why.................
Without you i am nobody *NOBODY* , i am just a guy from sweden who care of my friends and YOU my dear friends and motorhearts are the same caring friend.
THAT is the amazing thing who makes this work so GREAT .
I am so greatful to have such wounderful friends.... together we make a change and actully HELPING another friend .
I am NOT that great or amzing .... WE are my dear friends and motorhearts.
Thanks to all of you who wanna be my friend

This is my thoughts , from my heart to your hearts .
Thanks my friends and motorhearts
With love & respect Kenneth Alfsson

måndag 31 mars 2014


Motorhearts & caring friends ....
Good news ... realy GOOD news .
There is moment my heart n´soul have realy big smile , today is one of these moments .
— med Daisy Voutsina. Miss D <3
Imagine this ...
You havent been able to shop any food ...
Tell your kids Mommy/daddy cant because we dont have money...
The child ask why...
HOW do you answer a child who is cryning of hunger ?
To have the frustration as a parent to see your child crying off hunger....
The worst part , YOU CANT DO A THING ABOUT IT !
Well , yesterday , Miss D got the money in her hands , she and her son was to the shop and actually bought food.
Her son was so happy , when she wrote these words , i read this line several times and i got tears of joy in my eye´s .
That my dear motorhearts and caring friends is such wounderful reading .
I truly got goosebumps .... every hair on my body rise ... i frezze and get warm in the same time and it was a strong STRONG bubbling feeling inside me.
There is no word for what i feldt .... i can not tell or describe the feeling i had and still HAVE today, i have read her line today to .
I have hard to belive what i am reading BUT it is the real , not a dream ... not a fantasy ... it is real , likethe truth in * as I sit here and write this and can feel your chest moving in my breath * !
This hasent been possible without you my dear motorhearts and dear caring friends .
With love & respect Ken <3

lördag 29 mars 2014

ATT : I beg once again PLEASE.....

Good morning :)  Dear ´ caring humans <3
It´s amazing how many it is who following Miss D in the world.
I have some new stats to show you all , Miss D has more readers than i have when i was as more active , i real start to belive we have reach the humans heart <3
NOW it is the trust , i must work harder to win the trust . But feel i need some little help from you here .
I think it would help  if you just type some words on the blog to help me win the trust , if you have trust in me with other word.
Just type a few words if you do feel that you trust in me .
So i hope you have trust in me so we can reach the goal ,
only 150 euro left now,so what do you say?
 shall we go for it ?
If we all give 1 single kr , 1 us d , 1 euro ...
or what  currency you have .
Yeah I KNOW ..... I AM repetitive , but waht else can i do?
Tell me and i listen to you :D .
I hate to beg , BUT in the situation Miss D is in .....
I BEG for your help ... why ?
I am a friend , next time it can be you or some relative
to you .... and if we all do the same thing for
 you/your relative ...
So what do you say ... ????

With love & respect Ken

onsdag 26 mars 2014

Bank visit today !

Dear friends in the world i have been to the bank to today.
Money from my account has been transfer <3.
Those 1600 kr 173 euro will be on Miss D´s  account in 3 days , the bank told me that :) .
I have a picture of the receipt .
Now you see it is for real , not only talk <3
I will try to raise 150 euro who is missing , atleast 300 euro is my goal .
With love and respect   Kenneth Alfsson  Sweden

tisdag 25 mars 2014

To be trusted : Help Miss D

ATT : Dear motorhearts and  caring humans.
I have been spoken to a very dear friend to me for an hour on the phone, he is a very busy man but hewas so kind to me and he takr time to speak to me.
When it comes to raise money and to be trustworthy as possible you can is the mian thing in to make humans to belive in you , the most humans do not have trust in these kind of  arrangements is NOT the easiest thing .
I don know how or what i should do to make you belive in me in my work to raise money to help Miss D .
All i can do is give my word and take screen shoot on the account i have control over , i will also take photo off the receipt from the bank and publish it in a post here and on my blog.
There is so much corruption in our world who makes humans suspicious and so unsure that an event like this is genuine.
Then we have all scammers , i get sick and tierd of these scumbags who  utilizing fellow humanitarian side and play theire emotions.
I guarantee that I do NOT belong to those people who are scammers and I'm NOT corrupt somehow but I'm an honest friend and  fellow human.
I just fight for a friend and her sick son ...
Everybody knows what hard it is to see theire own child being sick and not be able to do anything.
My friend i spoke to in the phone is a VD in a radiostation here in sweden , ha has been working with raising money to help children in big parts in our world , he has even been traveled to deliver the help he has raised , money ... cloth ... school material etc etc .
There is to many prganisations who CLAIMS they are honest , but in the end it shows almost the opposite .
His advise to me was * find some way to make human belive in you , and if you have opportunities to travel to Greece and see for your self that the money comes to right place.
NOW i dont have the possibilities to travel to Greece , i dont have that money :( , if i had i had take a flight right away to Miss D and put the money in her hands by my self ... from my hands into her hands.
I am a disability pensioner , i dont have much money in the month , but i cant just see and hear without to to give her the help i can give .
So i hope you can find somewhere in your heart to belive in my work to Help Miss D .

Regards Ken <3

måndag 24 mars 2014

Help Miss D

I am proud to be one of us who can help  <3
With great joy  i can tell that the contributes from Hot rod  and Gary Johnson US has have arrived and been registered at Miss D's PayPal . So the money / contributes so deposited in Miss D's PayPal will arrive.
So thoose who has have doubts and want to help can can
insert money on Miss D's Paypal.

Miss D´s PAYpal :
Help Miss D
IBAN : SE8830000000011833012615
Regards Kenneth Alfsson  <3

lördag 22 mars 2014

Only a few day left ..... a last try to realy reach success !

Last week Miss D told me that they had about one week ... one week to be able to sit by a kitchen table and eat food and she .... could help her son with stuff who give him joy in life.
Now it is almost one week .... couple of days more ..... her son dont have a home to feel secure in ... what can a mother do when it is stop ... what can a mother do when there is no hope for a life so her kid can grow up and get the chance to be someone who not live on the street .
A chance to get an own family filled with love.
There is only a couple of days left to they been kicked out on the street !
That is why i fight for her n´ her son .... what is a child worth to you?
To me .... there is impossible to set a prize , i have been fighting for my sons life in 11 years in december , i can not do anything for him right now... i have to trust the Doctors at the hospital who is his second home!
In greece .... they dont have it as good we have here in sweden ... no matter what Miss D do when her son gets more sick , the only thing she can do is watch, and that feeling i dont wish anyone * NOT ANYONE * .
That is why i almost work 20 hours a day to help and save Miss D´s family.

Now i dont know i Miss D gonna be mad or angry on me , this is the bitter truth and if it takes to tell the truth .... well ... then i can take if she gets mad in any way... i stay as her friend no matter what she do to me or what she call me.
The situation ... the preasure she has is a living hell.

Who knows , tomrrow can it be you or me who needs this kind of help , if it goes so bad it is good to know there is many friendly hearts out there who can help .

I feel that there is hope that we may manage to help this family.

Reagrds Kenneth Alfsson  sweden